Our escape-room Area 17 is ranked :

- TOP 10 France by AlloEscape
- TOP 11 France by BuzzFeed
- First in Montpellier by EscapeGameParis
- TOP 8 France by EscapeAddict

Victor and his team

From Espace Escape

Came to try to save the world at Escape-Game-Montpellier!

Successful mission, Congratulations !

Alexandre, from Locus-Enigma

And his team came to test Area 17, our escape room

Great time! And with only a team of three it was not easy.

Be the first to find the answer to this riddle

And win a 50€ EGM GIFT VOUCHER !

--Enigma closed--

The Mission Escape team from Avignon

Came to test Area17

They were only two, but these pros of the escape game came out just in time !

Congratulations !

Adventure Room Toulouse's team

Came to test Area17

They loved it, and after more than 90 room to their credit it must be admitted that they had a great level !

We will surely go and play at home passing through the pink city !

CityCrunch girls came and tried AREA 17

This editors team came to tackle our enigmas

They had a great deal of fun, follow the link below to read their review:

Area 17's trailer

Is finally out

After a shooting worthy of the greatest Hollywood productions, the trailer of Area 17, our escape room, is ready :

We wanted it to be on par with our escape room. We did it!

Enjoy ;)

EGM was filming

The trailer of its Area 17 escape room

A big thanks to the whole team. The film will measure up to the room !
Coming soon…

Like a boss !

Benoit and his team broke the record !

We were taken aback by this team. They set the record to a whole new level: 50:18 with a single clue and a tiny indication - that they could have ignored, by the way.

Escape Game Montpellier is proud to introduce you to our new winners.

Congratulation for your performance. You earned that bottle of champagne !

MissionExit tried out Area 17

And they had a blast !

A strong team who handled our room like pros, in a cheerful atmosphere.

EGM will give a free bottle of champagne

To the team who will break Area 17's record

Like our room was not challenging enough! Escape Game Montpellier is now giving you a free bottle of champagne... only if you break the record set by the last best team! Feel the pressure yet ?

Enigma answer

We have a new WINNER !

The solution to this riddle was up in the sky. A star shart was needed to help you find the stars whose first letters spelled the answer: "ASAP".

Congratulations Charline, you win a 50€ voucher for Escape Game Montpellier. Time to come and face our challenges !

Riddle me this...

And win a 50€ VOUCHER !

Solve this enigma:

And win a 50€ voucher for E.G.M.
Send your answer to ASAP !

Sweepstake result

We have a WINNER !

A salute to Mylène, our winner. She will soon be able to try our Escape Game, thanks to this voucher.

No sore losers: we'll soon organise a new contest.

E.G.M first winners

With 57:52 they established the first record to beat !

Congrats ! Cohesion, shrewdness, and a big bucket of stress in the last few minutes of the game. This team was right up there, real escape game professionals!

EGM competition

Win a 90€ voucher !

We're organizing a contest on our Facebook page. Like our last Facebook post in order to enter the competition to win a voucher for our Escape Game.
The random draw will take place at midnight on Saturday and will determin the winner !

Gift idea ?

Offer someone an Escape Game session for Christmas

Here is an unusual gift: why not giving to your loved on a real Adventire ? E.G.M gift vouchers are valid for 1 year.

Beta tests are over

Thanks to all teams that tested our room !

Booking are now open. To all those who want to experience our escape game and to all Sci-Fi / Post-Nuke enthutiasts, it's time !

Now time for Beta tests !

Beta tests session are now open to the public...

Be the firsts to discover our Escape game. Area 17, our first room, is set in a Sci Fi universe. Booking just opened at a preferential rate.

Alpha tests are over

Alpha testing was a success

A big thanks to this first batch of players. Their feedbacks and comments have been of tremendous help, and we are still tuning our room to make it as best as possible.
All teams praised the immersion level of the room !

Alpha tests have begun

Area 17 is open for tryouts, our first players gonna have a hard time :P

Volunteers are heading up to EGM to test our escape room, and for some it's their first escape game ever. We are still adjusting our enigmas and gameplay as the game sessions go.

Area 17

Our first Escape Room soon available

After long month of works, Area 17, our first enigma, is opening at last. We put our heart and soul in this project, as well as all our strength, cleverness and madness. Alpha tests are beginning in the comming days.

Enthusiasts take note!