About us

EGM is four childhood friends - Vincent, Nicolas, Adrien and Adonis - who decide to embark on the escape-game adventure.

Discovering the escapes games phenomenon in its beginnings, impressed by some Parisian escape room, but also disappointed by others that they judge cheap, they decide to mount their gaming room in Montpellier to import the concept.

Their aim : Create an escape-room at the level of the one in which they would like to play. Bathers in the geek / video games culture since years and influenced by the SF filmography of the 70'-90' with which they grew up, their choice is quickly moving towards the realization of a room to the image of what they like : Dark and high-tech.

The first room 'Area 17' is scheduled for early fall 2015, and another one will follow in the following months.

"With Area 17, we want to create something unique, an experience whose players will not emerge unharmed. Escape-game flourishes everywhere in France because the concept is good, but we want to push this concept to its limits, making as few concessions as possible in relation to the goal we had set ourselves : an hyper-realistic SF room in which player forgets that he is a player. "

- Adonis - Scenery Manager / Electronics Manager

"We have been working on Area 17 for almost six months - we started in early January - and almost all of the pre-prod work was done in December. It is long, but we did not want to choose the easy way. Create a room at the crossroads of the worlds of Half-Life, Alien or 2001, it's work; But we are confident about the quality of our achievements, it will be crazy ! "

- Nicolas - WebDesign Manager / LevelDesign Manager